Pickup & Check In

Leveraging Walmart's 5,000+ store locations, we continuously improved upon the stores' Pickup experience.


Upgraded pickup experience

Improving Walmart's Pickup experience was a top priority but no small challenge. Walmart customers value the convenience of store pickup often times more than faster shipping; a lot of them visit the store on a regular basis already.  In the first phase of integrating the general merchandise pickup system with the grocery pickup system, we had to accommodate for sever different pickup scenarios, as compared to the single scenario and linear path for a grocery pickup customer.


end-to-end understanding

We had the challenge of building a simple experience over what was now a much more complex and feature-rich service. After drawing out an entirely new flow we could better identify opportunities to simplify, progressively disclosing important information, and requiring service permissions to ensure the best experience possible.


Shown above is the underlying app flow for a customer retrieving a Pickup order once the order has been placed. We worked in parallel with the team responsible for the associate-facing app; ensuring all of our triggers and communications were aligned.


Supporting Experimental Formats

Walmart stores across the country experimented with different pickup formats: service desks, lockers, kiosks, and drive-throughs to name a few. Our pickup experience took each of those formats into consideration as we detailed specific imagery and copy for each case to ensure our customer's expectations were being properly set.


Big picture Pickup

Part of our task involved rethinking store pickup on a macro scale. Outside of the Pickup experience in the Walmart app, we looked to factor in associate-facing apps and tools, encompass multiple Pickup formats (drive thru, locker, etc.), and even consider store associates and operations. Before jumping into solutions, we took to the stores to research and analyze the existing Pickup experience, which help set context and identify gaps for the project.


Teaming up with a third party to help us conduct the research, we uncovered extremely beneficial insights that would set the foundation for the future of Pickup.


All of this work is the result of great collaboration. Thanks to each brilliant mind that contributed.