Grocery Integration

To mix Walmart's grocery and general merchandise, we set out prototyping and testing our integration ideas.


Merging General Merchandise with Grocery

Walmart's online grocery business developed separately from the general merchandise site.  Our challenge was to develop an experience where groceries and general merchandise live together, and the customer can browse and fulfill both without making sacrifices. I assisted the team by designed visuals and prototypes to illustrate various approaches to the integration. We built out multiple prototypes to cover the possible combinations of customer insight with grocery-centric features.


Complexities in fulfillment

With a cart mixed with groceries and general merchandise, we had to simplify the experience through the checkout process as well. Cart items were automatically optimized and grouped for either shipping or store pickup, giving the customer the ability to toggle between the two.  Further into the fulfillment screen, we allow customers to decide when and where they'll pick up, as well as their shipping options.  Considerations were made for customers who changed their pickup location to a store where certain items are unavailable; we surface that information while they make their store selection.